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?What we do

We develop and implement public growth engines for organizations and pave the way for their next breakthrough.


We will help you increase your public influence, find partners in the private sector and in government, and make happen the giant leap forward you intended for your organization or corporation.


How we do it


Understanding you

Together with you, we delve into the real and long-term goals of the organization. We learn your specific needs and form a general picture of the environment in which you operate.


We identify new public growth engines and opportunities for your organization.


 Far-reaching strategy

We prepare a far-reaching strategic plan for you and work together with you to achieve its success. The program often includes building a reputation or shaping public opinion, increasing exposure to target audiences, forming and advancing projects with governmental agencies or other organizations, and forming profitable collaborations. Our focused strategic media exposure is geared to promote your goals that support the organization's growth strategy in Israel and abroad.


Set in motion

We set the strategic plan in motion for you, and together we fire the new growth engines in the various branches of activity to help you reach your destination.

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Our Customers

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Our specialties


Shaping public opinion and strategic communication consulting

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Leading reforms and changes in Israeli legislation 

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Creating and leading projects and partnerships with the government

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Public and political campaigns


Regulatory consulting in Israel

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Creating and leading projects and partnerships with municipalities in Israel


?Who are we

Barak Herscowitz, Joint CEO

Barak is an expert in economic regulation policy, with extensive experience in strategic consulting and management of public processes.

Director of the election campaign of the 'Yamina' party, led by Naftali Bennett for the 24th Knesset

Served as economic development advisor to Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, responsible for managing the implementation processes of the mayor's economic development plan, which was formulated in conjunction with the Israeli government and funded by it, together with municipal companies, government ministries, and other parties. He is member of the Business Promotion Committee of the Tel Aviv City Council, and one of the leaders of the "Minesweeper" project for reducing bureaucratic barriers for small businesses, a project that helped formulate legislation and policy. He conducts research in the field of business policy regulation in Israel.

He has extensive experience in public and political campaigns at the party, municipal, and national levels, as well as part of his work over the years in civil society organizations.

He holds a bachelor’s degree cum laude in policy and governance from Ben-Gurion University, and is a graduate of the prestigious Paths to Peace program of New York University.

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Netali Griever, Joint CEO

Expert in developing and implementing media strategy for public campaigns, business entities, educational institutions, cities and local authorities, non-profit organizations, public benefit corporations, national councils, incubators and high-tech companies, media outlets, and political entities.

In 2011, she established Netali Griever Communications Strategy, Government Relations and Public Relations. She is CEO of the Independent Contractors’ Union, a voluntary organization for the self-employed and for small businesses, and is the leader of the "Jackass Protest."

She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and communication and a master's degree in communication, with a specialization in public speaking and public relations, both from the University of Haifa. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University.

In 2015-2016, she headed the Spokesperson and Public Relations Communication Course for the Continuing Education division of Bar-Ilan University. She is guest lecturer at Hadassah College, in women's leadership and various business development courses.

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In the media

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What customers say

Adv. Yifa Segal

CEO of the International Legal Forum

What immediately jumps to the eye in any interaction with Griever Herscowitz is their concern and the sense of being there for us. We are not just a customer who should be humored, but an important and central part of their own agenda. In all respects, our success is also theirs. From day one, it was clear to us that no issue is off the table in terms of working together. This is what was promised, and it was kept without reservation. The ability to consult on all aspects of strategy building, not only classic PR, but also in working with donors, internal and external branding, designing and formulating messages, working with professional partners and so on, has helped us a great deal in all aspects of organizational work.

I must emphasize also the proactive approach that characterizes the work of the agency. At Griever Herscowitz they don’t wait to be asked to help with this, that, and the other thing. They are active, enterprising, and constantly thinking and acting to advance the organization.

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Barak Herscowitz



Netali  Griever



Orit Bureda Elkayam




Shalom Alehem 52, Tel Aviv

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