Regulatory consulting in Israel

Israeli regulation is complex and built on a unique regime of standards, rules, and procedures. We guide private and public organizations, as well as companies that seek to become acquainted and connect to the regulatory environment in which they operate, or which they seek to change, so that they can achieve their goals and objectives.

Our firm has rich experience in consulting and guiding in the regulatory field in Israel. We observe a code of ethics and operate based on clear values. We believe in a free market economy, simplification and reduction of regulations, to enable free enterprise and success with as few barriers as possible to initiatives, technologies, and businesses.

Public organizations, business sectors, business owners, and other entities seeking to operate in Israel need to analyze and develop a special understanding of local regulation. There are 200 regulatory bodies in Israel, compared to 12 in the Netherlands and 80 in Australia. This figure alone illustrates how complicated Israeli regulation is, and how critical in-depth understanding and familiarity with these various bodies may be in tipping the scale toward success of a technology, venture, or idea in penetrating the Israeli market.

We guide various business and public sectors and help them reduce regulatory and entry barriers stemming from Israeli policy. Among other issues, we deal with import barriers caused by the cumbersome Israeli standard system, barriers having to do with licensing and supervision of businesses, the introduction of new products for which there is no standard or systematic approval procedure, and more.

When we undertake to reduce regulation or to put in place a smarter and higher-quality regulation, we conduct an in-depth review of the current situation, together with the client, including regulations, legislation, and regulatory norms customary in various government ministries and oversight bodies, then prepare a smart strategic program and formulate an ideal regulation that we will promote instead of the existing one, and we stay with the client until success is achieved.