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Shaping public opinion and strategic communication consulting

To inculcate principles and perceptions in the public sphere of influence or to change public opinion in Israel, it is important to be familiar with the unique public discourse, the Israeli public, and the media climate.

We are not a classic public relations company, but rather a firm that instigates complex public opinion changes on significant public issues.

"Hoopoe" is first and foremost an "impact agency" that specializes in promoting public and social processes through a detailed strategic plan and attends to its actual implementation using various impact tools. As part of the impact tool basket, we offer strategic consulting and shaping of image and public opinion.

We would never promote media coverage merely for the sake of media coverage. Jointly with every customer and organization, we examine their real needs and the change in public opinion that would advance their goals, after which draw up a complex roadmap to achieve these goals, and stay with the customer all the way through the change in public opinion.

Often, a change of public opinion needs to be made within a professional community. For example, when we assisted organizations such as the Israeli Association for Couple and Family Therapy or the National Council for Food Security, for example, it was the community dealing with family and social resilience in Israel. In these cases, we helped shape an accurate professional public discourse that enabled these organizations to achieve their goals.

At other times, public opinion change needs to take place in populations with certain values or social perceptions. For example, we helped the International Legal Forum to effect profound changes in the perception of antisemitic threats to the Jewish people in Israel and around the world, and to inculcate the principles for determining what constitutes antisemitism in legal and other relevant organizations.

Occasionally, the shaping of public opinion and discourse needs to take place across wide audiences. One of our success stories, of which we are most proud, is the profound change that organizations we have helped, such as The Next Generation, were able to bring about, affecting millions of parents in Israel. We designed a complex discourse that brought to the forefront certain issues that had failed to make their mark in the public arena until then, and had to do with the desirable and much-needed policy in Israel in the field of education.

In addition to public and social entities, we also assist business entities and private companies with communication consulting aimed at bringing about changes in public or professional discourse in Israel, in accordance with their needs for policy and legislative changes that would advance their goals.

Our firm has accumulated decades of experience in the field of media strategy, acquired deep familiarity with the Israeli media, and has developed high-quality models for formulating strategic messages and implementing changes in public opinion, with the help of various tools of traditional and digital communication.

Michal Shalem - Head of the Let’s Grow Israel Initiative​

Griever Herscowitz led for us the media launch of Let’s Grow Israel and helped us publicize the five-year plan for competitiveness and economic growth in the periphery. Unveiling a new venture and placing it on the public agenda is a complex task that requires strategic thinking, good knowledge of the players, and the ability to deliver. Griever Herscowitz were key partners in formulating the media strategy and demonstrated initiative, out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, and the ability to convey a complex strategic message to diverse audiences.

The company has impressive capabilities in promoting public enterprises, based on deep and nuanced insights into professional processes, and they know how to translate them into communicative language. Thanks to their work, we benefited from high-quality media exposure of the initiative and its positioning before various decision makers and partners. Their work added substantial value to the venture.​

Adv. Yifa Segal - CEO of the International Legal Forum

What immediately jumps to the eye in any interaction with Griever Herscowitz is their concern and the sense of being there for us. We are not just a customer who should be humored, but an important and central part of their own agenda. In all respects, our success is also theirs. From day one, it was clear to us that no issue is off the table in terms of working together. This is what was promised, and it was kept without reservation. The ability to consult on all aspects of strategy building, not only classic PR, but also in working with donors, internal and external branding, designing and formulating messages, working with professional partners and so on, has helped us a great deal in all aspects of organizational work.

I must emphasize also the proactive approach that characterizes the work of the agency. At Griever Herscowitz they don’t wait to be asked to help with this, that, and the other thing. They are active, enterprising, and constantly thinking and acting to advance the organization.