Creating and leading projects and partnerships with the government

Quite often, those who want to promote a new technology, or an organization or company interested in working in Israel enter into a partnership with the government for executing a pilot to prove feasibility, and for designing government regulation together with regulators aiming at market penetration.

Unlike companies that entered into conflict with the government trying to do business in Israel, there are others that have chosen the “royal path” of cooperation. Our firm has extensive experience in designing and operating joint ventures with the Israeli government, based on our unique familiarity with the regulatory and legal environment in the country, a well-developed network of connections with elected representatives and senior officials in government ministries. We understand the needs of the government, of the private sector, and of various public bodies, and we have extensive experience in guiding projects onto a win-win track for all parties.

Our flagship projects promote technological innovation, streamline public services, advocate transparency, and remove bureaucratic barriers. These activities place us at the forefront of implementing the “collaboration paradigm” -  we know how to identify government agencies and offices that seek innovation in the services they provide to the public, and we know how to find ways for our clients to collaborate with them.    

As part of the process of evaluating and creating such collaborations, we use an systematic strategic process we successfully developed to examine the points of intersection of the public interest with the specific interests of the various actors. We identify the ensuing social benefit using advanced research tools, and create clear and coherent work plans for the implementation of projects and collaborations, based on our familiarity with the challenges of regulation and legislation in Israel. 


Admittedly, the Israeli authorities are lagging behind on many parameters of public service and in using efficient technology tools. But the unique character of the “start-up nation,” and structural and personnel changes in government ministries over the past decade have created a fertile ground and great openness for the implementation of new technologies within the administration and for technological collaborations with private companies.

Companies, organizations, and public or private entities seeking to initiate audacious projects in Israel, which have to do with regulation and the public arena, are invited to contact us so that we can together explore the possibility of joint action with the state in a smart and effective strategic move.