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Creating and leading projects and partnerships with municipalities in Israel

The Israeli municipal arena is a unique political framework that provides entrepreneurs and public organizations with many fascinating opportunities for cooperation, together with a complex work environment that necessitates thorough familiarity with it.

On one hand, the local government (municipality, local authority, local council, etc.) has strong executive capabilities, daily contact with residents, and effective control and management systems in place. The direct election of the head of the local authority by the residents reflects the political status of the local government as a representative executive entity having clear and significant autonomy and authority, and directly managing many areas of the citizens’ day-to-day activities: education, welfare, culture, local industry, and more.

On the other hand, in Israel there is centralized control by government ministries over what is happening at the local level. In many areas, the status of the local authority is that of a "subcontractor" who has little autonomy and a limited decision-making ability regarding, for example, the salaries and the level of services the authority is required to provide.

The government of Israel intervenes at the municipal level in several ways, including supervision and a requirement for approval of municipal bylaws and recovery plans, and appointing accountants, committees, and boards to control the municipality.

Over the years, our firm has worked successfully to implement complex and groundbreaking programs in cooperation with local authorities in Israel, which had a major impact and have been adopted by the state. These programs include the Coming Soon to Your Place project, which we have implemented in Jewish and Arab municipalities, with both high and low socio-economic status, to strengthen the business environment and create a dynamic demand map that will serve local entrepreneurs and businesses, and enable the municipality to design the right policy. We have also led projects to implement the principles of the "woman-friendly city," in cooperation with prominent civil society organizations. These projects have been successfully replicated throughout the country.

The desire of most Israeli for innovation makes it possible to deploy experimental tools in the fields of transportation, information, small and medium-size businesses, civil services for special populations, health, infrastructure, and more. There is also tremendous demand by many cities in Israel for new and effective technologies and methodologies that will help with the day-to-day civic management of the city.

Technology companies, public organizations, and business entities can find opportunities to run high-quality pilot projects at the municipal level, and replicate them, after proving feasibility, in many cities in Israel and worldwide. Cooperation with Israeli local authorities provides unmatched cultural and demographic diversity, allowing controlled experimentation with a variety of value-driven populations and sectors: gender, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic. Implementation of a project, technology, product, or idea in several cities in Israel makes it possible to make a smart and high-quality assessment of its success from the perspective of different populations, with simple management over a small geographical area and under a set of uniform national regulations.

Our firm also specializes in consulting to senior professionals and decision makers in various cities, mainly in the areas of economic development, bringing in businesses, employment, and more.