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Public and political campaigns

In recent years, our firm has led several smart, winning public and political campaigns.

Behind every media, political, or crisis management campaign that we lead, there is solid strategic planning aimed at goals, objectives, target audiences, and messages.

We use the best methods in the profession, as well as unique components that we have developed. Our campaigns are always based on research and knowledge, and are designed based on a clear strategy, which we formulate together with our clients; we use the most effective tools to achieve the goal.

One of the tools we use is an in-depth analysis of target audiences and strategic messages, which we custom-tailor according to the parameters of each target audience. We make unique use of smart and diverse ways of monitoring, collecting, analyzing, and processing information and data, to generate strategic insights that serve the campaign.

We have led political campaigns in the election arena, public campaigns that have influenced public opinion and policy changes in a clear and measurable way, and more.

We guide the political entity or candidate both at the strategic level and in the implementation of the campaign on the ground, working with both the traditional and the digital media.

Knesset Member (MP) Sharren Haskel

I contracted Griever Herscowitz to run an unusually complex and competitive primary campaign for me. The professional and visionary connection was immediate.

Griever Herscowitz ran a smart and intrepid campaign, based on forward-looking strategic thinking that analyzes both challenges and opportunities. To implement the strategies we chose, they offered creative tools, including out-of-the-box distinctiveness and the right combination of traditional communication, digital communication, and fieldwork. They devised precise strategic messages and deployed them in all campaign activities.

I’m happy to recommend Griever Herscowitz for managing public and political campaigns. They combine an intense and smart strategic concept with day-to-day work that pays attention to the smallest details and is entirely result-oriented. Thanks!